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For those who have travel in their soul. Grab your suitcase and let's go... Today is Thursday, May 25, 2017

Reader's Favorites - Best of Have Suitcase 2010


Photo: Malta Tourism Authority

Revisit (or read for the first time) our most popular and talked about articles...Happy New Year!




Travel Tips & Tricks


New Travel Uses for Old Things

Source: Rachel Hardage, Real Simple Travel, Photos: Kathryn Barnard

Eyeglass Case as Manicure Kit

Original Purpose: Keeping fragile glasses safe.

Aha! use: An unused glasses case makes a convenient storage spot for nail files, clippers and other manicure essentials while on the go.

Reward: Reuse old glass cases and keep hands and feet looking good while traveling.



Travel Tips & Tricks


Source: Teri Cettina, Real Simple Travel, Illustrations: Klas Fahlen


When You Get Out Your Suitcase

Remove your home address from your luggage tag and add your cell-phone number.

Most of us dutifully write our full name, home phone, and address on our tags, but that reveals too much, says Anne McAlpin, a packing expert and the author of Pack It Up: The Essential Guide to Organized Travel.

Instead, print your first initial and last namea safety precaution for women, since it doesn't signal your sex or that you might have jewelry in your bag. Second, omit your address. It tells a potentially unscrupulous baggage handler, "No one's home." Third, skip your home phone (which isn't much use when you're not home) in favor of your e-mail address and cell-phone number. Other information to include on the airline's paper ID tags (which you can update for each trip): a phone number for (1) your first hotel and (2) a friend or a relative at home who can reach you.

If Your Bag Goes Missing

File an in-person report at the baggage-claim office right away. If your trip has just begun, ask for a toiletries kit or a voucher for necessities. When you fill out claim paperwork, get a copy of it and write down the phone number for the baggage office; you don’t want to call the airline’s 800 number to follow up, says Marybeth Bond, the author of Best Girlfriends Getaways Worldwide. Then carry on with your trip. “In most cases, it’s the airline’s responsibility to deliver your bag to youeven if you’re hundreds of miles away from the airport,” says Bond.


When You Arrive at a Historic Attraction

Ask the staff for advice about special exhibits, must-see artifacts, and unusual features.

Staffor, in a pinch, security guardscan often point out little-known gems. They might even suggest a way for you to tour the facility (“Go to the third floor and work your way back down”) without getting swept up in the crowds, says Dave Fox, a guide for the tour company Europe Through the Back Door. Another tip: Hit popular sites at lunchtime, rather than first thing in the morning, when tour buses arrive.


Travel Tips & Tricks


New Travel Uses for Old Things

Source: Rachel Hardage, Real Simple Travel, Photos: Kathryn Barnard

Water Bottle

Original purpose: Providing hydration.

Aha! use: Preventing souvenir maps, ticket stubs, postcards, and museum brochures from bending or tearing in your suitcase. Just roll them up and drop them into a dry, wide-mouthed bottle.

Reward: Well-preserved mementos without a wrinkle in time.


Original purpose: Preventing pesky water rings on wood.

Aha! use: Tagging gifts for the people at home. Hang on to cardboard coasters from the bars and the restaurants you visit on your journey. When you return home with souvenirs for friends and family, punch a hole near the edge of the coaster, tie a ribbon through the hole, and write a quick note in an empty space (or on the blank side).

Reward: Clever gift tags that capture a travel memory.


Travel Tips & Tricks


New Travel Uses For Old Things

Source: Rachel Hardage, Real Simple Travel, Photos: Kathryn Barnard

Address Labels

Original purpose: Telling the post office where to return a letter. 

Aha! use: Tagging precious travel items, such as your iPod and digital camera. If you accidentally leave a device on the airplane, a Good Samaritan will know where to mail it. 

Reward: A homing device for your airborne companions.

Book Covers

Original purpose: Protecting your biology textbook. 

Aha! use: Letting you blend in with the locals. A travel guide screams "I’m lost!" but cloaking it in pretty paper or the jacket of a book in the native language will give you a much lower profile. 

Reward: Being asked for directions instead of taken for a ride.

Plastic Wrap

Original purpose: Keeping leftovers fresh.

Aha! use: Avoiding suitcase messes. When packing shampoo or lotion, unscrew the bottle’s cap and cover the opening with plastic wrap, then screw the cap back on. Liquid is less likely to ooze from an accidentally opened spout.

Reward: A whoops-free travel wardrobe.



Travel Tips & Tricks


Photo:Thayer Allyson Gowdy, Real Simple

The best tricks are always made up of simple, inexpensive and easily available products.  Case in point...using a free hotel shower cap to place shoes in.  I find that my shoes easily fit in one shower cap but hubby requires a shower cap per shoe.  Slip them on and keep dirt off clothes!

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